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gopherguy06 wrote:

In our new house, we are noticing there is excessive condensation around the windows, especially given the colder temps now. Wondering what we can do as it looks like a couple spots have some mold damage on the edge of the wood. I briefly read it may have to do with humidity but not sure. They said to adjust that from the basement but anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

Good new windows are gas filled and help reduce condensation. Our house is 25 years old. The windows are still very good, but over the years the gas leaks out of the double pane glass. We get condensation around the edge of some windows, but when it’s really cold we just put a fan on the windows and it keeps the condensation from forming. Air to air exchangers help a lot, and I believe they have been code for some time now.

On a side note, it really helps to give the sashes/sills a light sand and apply varnish in the fall.