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NYC Gopher fan wrote:

I did find a solution with the large corrugated hose, so that’s good.

I know I posted here about the ice dams last winter. I’m happy to report that after spending 2k getting new insulation blown into attic amd sealing byways, that my house got a 87 score on my energy audit and there are no icicles across front of my house! Still a stretch in the back where there are some, but huge improvement.

I’ve also learned to love living in 63 degrees, thanks to my Nest. Now if my fireplace is on amd it approaches 70, I feel like I need to open a window.

63 is what my thermostat is set at during winter. I’d guess my basement is actually probably closer to 55 than 63 but I’ve got a lap dog and blankets in the basement where I spend most of my time.