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NYC Gopher fan wrote:

So my sump is still running, every 19 mins in fact it dumps a decent amount of water.

Issue is, Standard told me to disconnect the flex hose I use to carry all that water away from my foundation when it’s below freezing. So I did, and now it’s dumping water right next to my foundation every 18 minutes. That can’t be good. Think I’ll call them tomorrow but they told me last year they don’t recommend any hose or pipe to carry water away in winter for risk of freezing

I have a large corrugated hose I connect in winter since the underground one freezes. Never have had a problem with that freezing

What do you mean by large? And how many feet is it?

I have a corrugated hose that I use April- October but it’s very long- has to carry the water across back of house, up the side yard to the front – very very long hose and I’m thinking maybe like a 15 foot one for winter?

You could try rigging up something to leave an air gap between the output on the house and the line running away from your house. If your line freezes it will just spill over and not the line to your pump. Something like this…https://www.mybasementdoctor.com/images/gallery/before-after/freeze-relief-after.jpg" />