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How easy/difficult/time consuming is it to stain a cedar fence? I have about 95 feet of grayed weathered out 6′ cedar fence (actually, double that length because I’d have to stain both sides). Is this a project that an amateur like me could do in a day or two and have it look nice, or is it something that is worth hiring out? Is one coat adequate, or are multiple coats required?

I freaking hate doing anything resembling painting, but I also hate paying for services that most people should be able to do themselves.

You could knock it out in a weekend. If anything I’d rent a sprayer and do it quick and easy. You will want to pressure wash it too. My neighbors did their fence, way more than what youd have to do, in a weekend with a sprayer.

I have been avoiding responding to this question, mostly because there are several ways to skin a cat. First, there are a large contingent of folks that recommend against pressure washing any wood products. It raises the grain of the wood and you get a fuzzy texture when it dries. My Dad swears by doing it and gets good results (still fuzzy).

If it were my fence that was grayed out cedar, I would get a couple jugs of the Behr Wood Restorer concentrate (it will make 10 gallons) and a garden sprayer and spray the entire fence with it, let it sit for a bit and the wash it off with a hose (not pressure) then I would get a stain to put on it that you can spray through the same sprayer (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Flood-5-gal-Cedar-Tone-CWF-UV-Oil-Based-Exterior-Wood-Finish-FLD520-05/206265821” class=”bbcode_url”>https://www.homedepot.com/p/Flood-5-gal-Cedar-Tone-CWF-UV-Oil-Based-Exterior-Wood-Finish-FLD520-05/206265821). You may have to back brush some areas, but not much.

Doing it this way, you would for sure be done the first day before noon and the second day by 2-3pm.

Bleach works the same and is cheap.

Or pressure wash with a light sand to get rid of the fuzzies. Minimal work.

Bleach does, but isn’t as good for the environment (not that either is great)

If it is cedar, chances are it is rough dawn and sanding won’t work.

I get it though, this is why I didn’t want to respond…