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    I just bought a house and need all the advice I can get. Its my first so this is all new to me. Appreciate any help you can give.

    Introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

    Great suggestion.

    We have a new neighbor who left a mess on the side of their garage in our field of view after they moved in, which really violated the spirit of the neighborhood. After a few weeks, my wife went over with a plate of cookies to introduce herself. Through a little conversation with the woman of the house about the neighborhood she maneuvered into asking if it would be okay if they moved their stuff from the side of the garage. It was gone the next day. Not everyone shares the same “good neighbor” standards, but a simple suggestion delivered with a bit of sugar set the tone for open communication.

    As for house suggestions, one of my biggies is paint, varnish and caulk – especially around flashing and windows. Simple to do, cheap and can save potentially thousands. I clean my window cranks each fall and lightly sand and re-varnish the sills if needed. I also check the caulk around the house – windows, doors, trim – each year. Ten bucks in caulk can prevent water intrusion and severe damage. Same with paint. When we moved into the house, I repainted all the trim with the most expensive outdoor paint I could buy, repairing and caulking as I went along.

    Next up: Gutters. Better make sure they’re level and drain properly. Had significant roof damage and leak once because one of my gutters drained water the wrong way and kept feeding water into the shingles.

    Gutters is a good point. Either they need to be near perfect OR get rid of them entirely. I have parts of my roof with gutters (no down spouts – shoot right out on to the yard) and much of roof without (but rocks to break up water falling off roof).

    I removed gutters because ice dam risk was too high / never had another ice dam after they were removed but have to be really be careful about water flow around the house after heavy summer thunderstorms.

    I hate gutters. Especially this time of year – full of ice.