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Jane Fonda wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

Why even think about shooting an awesome animal that ended up in the wrong neighborhood

Coyotes should be shot, when they are approaching people and populated areas. If they are encroaching on people it means 2 things, they’re overpopulated where they should be, and are being pushed out, or they’re sick. Either way, they should be shot. Can’t really shoot them yourself when they’re in the middle of Minneapolis, but animal control should be dealing with them.

On the farm, we shoot them whenever we see them, and have coyote hunters come out whenever we can. Same for wolves, and big cats (these are around, but much, much more rare than coyotes). When there are too many of these animals in the area, they start taking calves in the spring, and we can’t have that.

KIlling adult coyotes makes more coyotes.



The death of even one coyote in a pack can trigger breeding in

adults that normally defer to mating by an alpha male and female

pair, said Gina Farr of Project Coyote.