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dryfly wrote:

george wrote:

So, furnace got red tagged yesterday. It had been tripping off on a safety, that turned out to be a plugged combustion intake (some little critter). But the heat exchanger is cracked so they had to shut it down, turn off the gas and take a picture. I had to turn the gas back on and restart it. It’s 20 years old, so past the expected useful life. Still need to get it replaced. :(

That sucks. I am amazed my furnace heat ex hadn’t failed. The unit is like 60 some years old. I get it inspected occasionally and it’s become a joke at the HVAC company I work with. It might outlive all of us old guys.

The old heat exchangers were built waaaay differently than the new, high efficiency, units. Mine was made in 1999, fairly early generation condensing style. It actually has a lifetime warranty on the HX, but given the age of the furnace, it’s pretty silly to spend on the labor to replace the HX. It’s still going to need a new blower motor, ignitor and flame sensor soon. May as well bite the bullet and replace the whole thing now. Unless I want to rebuild everything myself. Which I may consider.