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Jane FondaJane Fonda

    Home renovations are moving fast now. Crunch time. Currently, we’re working on a spare bedroom and our master bath.

    Master bath is completely tiled, both the tub surround and the floor. Paint is done, needs a little touching up after tiling, but it isn’t too bad. WPOS is going to starting the vanity and linen closet insert soon, and I have the cedar planking for the ceiling, and need to apply some finish to it, and install soon (hopefully as soon as this weekend). Have a door purchased. Only items left after that will be a granite (or possibly quartz or marble) vanity top, shitter, trim, and installing fixtures. Getting there!

    For the spare bedroom, it is painted, trim is all pulled out. I’m pulling the old carpet tonight. Have carpet being installed Friday. Stained new trim and door at WPOS’s last night, and he is going to lacquer the trim and door tomorrow. Hope to get trim and door installed this weekend, and then it will be done, and can start moving the new furniture into it, that is currently filling up our other spare bedroom. Also, on Friday, getting our upstairs living room carpets professionally cleaned, since they’re disgusting (damn dog).

    It has been a very productive month so far, and expensive. But, it feels good to make some progress.