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    george wrote:

    davescharf wrote:

    Maybe one of you can help me. I came home yesterday to water dripping out of our bathroom fan yesterday. We turned on the fan and it would stop but once we shut it off it would drip.

    I don’t see any other water damage but it seemed like a slow and steady drip for awhile. It did eventually stop last night, so I’m wondering if it was just a lot of condensation from the weather changes or if it os possibly a bigger problem. I did crawl up into my attic and didn’t really see anything that looked wet or problematic, but I’ll also be the first to admit I wasn’t sure what I needed to look for besides moisture.

    I strongly believe that it’s frozen condensation thawing out and nothing more. If there is a gravity backdraft damper somewhere in the exhaust path, it may have frozen shut during the freeze. My next door neighbor had that happen. If it did, then all the humid air you were trying to vent just accumulated and the moisture froze somewhere in the duct.

    Two thoughts. If the moisture is coming from an exhaust vent (inside going out) then – yes what you suggest is probably correct.

    If the moisture is forming on the inlet air make up side then its just plain cold surfaces coming in contact with moist air inside the home and condensing on them.

    It should be fairly easy to determine which one it is. How you permanently fix? I don’t know. My answer is to have a drafty house and very dry air but I am primitive.