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Ok, anyone with a new home that has an air exchanger:

During the winter the intake vent piping for our air exchanger, and even our passive air vent in the extreme cold, causes such bad condensation that the insulation around the venting saturates and drips. For context, the vent pipe is that flex piping with about 2″ of fiberglass insulations around it and covered with that black plastic.

So, the cold air comes in and the warm house air causes such condensation that the insulation around the vent piping saturates roughly 3 feet into the house and water drips. It’s not a huge deal now because we have an unfinished basement but two issues:

– That insulation is so wet it will never dry – will probably mold

– If we were to finish our basement that would be dripping onto a finished ceiling causing damage

We’ve already had the vent pipe replaced once because it happened last winter (new home we just moved into last year).

Thoughts on how to resolve? I’ve thought about adding more insulation between those floor joists the vent runs along to keep the warmer basement air off. But I’m getting annoyed.