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frozen4champs wrote:

NYC Gopher fan wrote:

Got my sump issue fixed today. Needed a few sections of pipe replaced and re routed my water softener hose elsewhere. Guy said it should never have been draining into pump basin and previous owners were lazy and sloppy.

Now need to get battery backup system installed before April. I’ve gotten two quotes , both for $1700 all in.

Does that seem reasonable? Standard water makes their own and installs that. Guy out today said they will use Liberty product.

Other Places have said I could buy my own system and pay them for labor to install

IIRC, my Liberty was installed for around $500 or less. I may be off though. I’m in the Cities for Gopher games, so I will look at my bill when I get home on Sunday and let you know. I may have got a deal on labor, as they did all my plumbing and heating for the new house.

The cost of my Liberty Jet backup sump pump that is run of my water pressure was under $475 installed. Bought it through my plumbing company and they installed it. Looks like it was a couple of hours of labor and not that much in materials other than the pump. I would guess the cost of materials would depend on how easy and far it would be to install to your current water line. Mine was a breeze and only a few feet to the water source. Hope this helps.