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We had a sump pump failure and flooded basement last week. Now we are in the process of looking at replacement options for our old carpeting. We are thinking laminate or vinyl plank flooring. Any suggestions? Also, floor is concrete so will we need to install subfloor with either/both? Thanks

Sorry about the sump pump failure. For peace of mind, you may want to consider adding a second sump pump above your regular one. We built a new house last summer, and we added one that is hooked into the water line. It runs off the water pressure if the electricity goes out.

Which manufacturer? I have been debating at basepump and another brand for the last month.

Did you tie into the existing pumps exit pipe? Does it have to be inspected by the city?

It’s made by Liberty. It is positioned right above the normal pump, and it is tied into the same exit pipe with a t fitting. I live in the country, and it was not part of any inspection, but it may vary in other areas.. I had my plumber put it in. I was looking at a battery backup one, and he suggested this one.


Yes, that is the one I will probably end up with as well. I used their little online calculator and figured it should have enough gpm based on the length of my run and my water pressure.

If all else fails I have a smartthings water sensor down there that will send an alret to my phone and a text message to my wife.