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    On a separate note, anyone ever been a landlord or dealt with the eviction process? Can you kick someone out for paying rent late?

    Our old townhouse had someone move in and the first month didn’t get the full month’s rent until 22nd of the month. Lease says due the 1st, late after the 5th. It is now January 30 and haven’t received the full rent with some still outstanding. My thought was if it ever gets to the next month, I would work to kick them out, but haven’t cared as long as I get the full rent by EOM despite being late (with a late fee).

    You should talk to a lawyer about this and be very formal about the process. If they’re already not paying the rent then you will consistently have this problem unless it was a circumstance like the guy being a federal employee.

    Evicting after one month seems pretty extreme (and I suspect illegal without some kind of due process) but you should talk to a professional about it.

    Third month of being late and that’s after fighting tooth and nail to get chase it. If he is late now, no reason to think he will suddenly be better. not ready to cut ties yet but exploring options or seeing if anyone has had to deal