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    Bertogliat wrote:

    Maize wrote:

    60 degrees won’t freeze pipes. We keep our thermostat there if we’re not going to be home for a few days and have never had an issue.

    But have you done so when the temp outside is -30? I would worry about some of the old homes with poor insulation and exterior wall plumbing.

    I lived in an apartment years ago and woke up to a pipe that burst in the walls and sprayed water and wet sheetrock throughout my living room. My temp wasn’t set low, but they had shitty insulation and a pipe near a door jam.

    In short, just because the interior temperature of the house is 60 degrees, that doesn’t mean it isn’t much colder where pipes are running, depending on the location, and quality of insulation. I would worry about some houses plumbing even without dropping the temp down to 60.