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george wrote:

My furnace tripped off for the second time this morning so far. I suspect it is tripping on low gas pressure. We are third from the end on our branch. When everyone is demanding and then our water heater kicks on, I suspect the furnace pressure drops below safety set point. Kicking myself because I didn’t have the patience to wait for it to reset itself. I pulled the access panel, thus opening that safety switch so it reset when I put the panel back. It’s a condensing Lennox 19 years old. When we first moved in it tripped off on low gas pressure until our meter/regulator got adjusted.

The Lennox at my old house had flame sensor issues. About once per winter I would have to pull the sensor and use fine grit sandpaper to clean it.

Good point, I haven’t cleaned that in a while. Suspicious to me though that it’s happening on the coldest day and the water heater next to the furnace is running.

Centerpoint is now asking people to turn thermostats down to 60 degrees because they are having trouble keeping up with demand. This won’t go well.

Wait for all the pipes to freeze in the walls now. But we can’t have people going without heat either.