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GO4 is pretty spot on with the windows. The problem with new homes being so tight as well as all of the wood products having extra moisture in them the first couple years, it’s unavoidable. Also, almost all wood flooring in your home requires 35-55% humidity to maintain warranty. Drier temps cause cabinets, woodwork, doors and anything else wood, to shrink up and can cause other issues. That being said, your house would be a greenhouse at 35% right now. 20% is a safe level for the most part, but the other suggestions on keeping window treatments with airflow between them and the glass will help.

Regarding your basement walls, it could be a variety of things your first year and I would have questions on the construction of your foundation (rubber barrier, weeping tile, etc). Some extra moisture in the block is normal on year 1, the block will also absorb moisture in the warmer months. If you don’t have a running water type wetness on the wall, you can typically apply a product like Drylok to seal it up. Tough to offer any other suggestions and not be vague not seeing it or knowing anything else.