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    gopherguy06 wrote:

    First winter in the new house. All the windows seem to be sweating a lot and even have ice on the bottom of them. Looking closer, there is mold near the wood. Any ideas on what to do to prevent or help?

    Also, noticed on the basement wall, there is a wetness on the wall. Almost like it is coming from inside of the wall. I can’t post a photo since it is too large.

    Not sure it would make it into the basement. But I had a gap in the flashing of my plumbing pipe on the roof. When we got that rain/snow over Christmas we got water dripping out of a lite switch, up stairs. It had made it’s way from the attic.

    If you can locate it on the roof and it is in a similar path maybe that is the issue and it found it’s way down?

    Is it a lot of water?