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    Furnace fan stopped blowing last Friday. Called in Centerpoint and they diagnosed the issue as a bad board. They put in a new one, but then our Nest thermostat wouldn’t work. No longer getting power. Guy thought maybe the board he brought was faulty as well, because it was giving him error codes even with his jumper equipment.

    They came back today, board this time is fine, but the Nest still wouldn’t work. I have up and agreed to a different thermostat. They hook it up, test all functions, everything works. We could again turn on the heat, fan, and AC from the thermostat they put in.

    Then they leave, and the AC won’t come on. Furnace and fan work fine, no AC. Obviously it isn’t needed right now, but I’m still pissed. Time to get on the phone with them for the umpteenth time in the last week.

    And people wonder why I have a completely analog 1960s furnace… blower motor separate from furnace (with a rubber v belt no less). I put in a new thermostat to control it (two actually so as to do a crude zonal control but only run one at a time)… but that is as modern as I am going for now … all of it my mechanic and I understand. Super simple. Not the most efficient but not terrible so long as I clean the heat exchanger surfaces occasionally. That and the blower squirrel cage.

    Problem is my mechanic is older than me. If he goes before I do I am going to have to train in a new one. Not sure how that’s gonna work.

    Must be a pain to crank start that thing on a cold winter morning

    My back up is a wood stove – which I use to area heat part of the house. So the old furnace is ‘high tech’ in comparison.

    I have a 100 year old house that originally was gravity coal heat. The ducts work is really a problem to retrofit. On top of that many of the joints have asbestos collars to seal off leaks. You don’t just replace that – you either do not touch and leave as is OR hazmat team replaces. I try to leave as is.

    Ironically I understand modern HVAC really well – sold to manufacturers in that space – worked on cutting edge products like solar optimized heat pumps and ac loaded with IoT capability. It’s just really hard to adapt any of that into a house as old as mine. I realized that long ago – if I am going to do that it’s going to have to be part of a total rebuild and I am not going to do that. The next owner can do that – if they want.

    The problems Karlsson described would be my problems too but probably times 100.