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    Do you guys think there are more of these kind of solicitations than in recent years? Asking because I wonder if the increase in door to door is a direct result of people not answering their phones. Not saying it’s right just wondering.

    I am old enough to remember when door to door salesmen were really common. When I was kid. Back then phone solicitation was expensive for the seller. They either had huge phone bills due to long distance charges (that was a thing once) or had to have many call offices locally placed so as to utilize unlimited local calling and then each would need to be staffed … also very expensive.

    Then phone service was deregulated and companies offered much more affordable corporate plans … and with technology like robocalling cost per call went to almost zero. Why send people out door to door when you can call peeps for almost free?

    Of course no one now answers the phone unless it is a call they want from someone they know. So those free sales calls are almost worthless to the seller too … maybe the pendulum swings back to more door to door?

    Not justifying – just wondering. FWIW I have also seen a pick up in door to door but wondered if it was just us – our neighborhood. Looks like maybe not.