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Most cities require solicitors to get a permit to go door to door. Ask them to show you the permit. If they don’t call the cops. If they do then call city Hall and complain.

I think many have been asked, because lots of them are wearing city “Authorized Solicitor” badges. Not sure on the exact wording, but something to that effect. I will call city hall and complain, it is getting ridiculous. We have always had a few, and we don’t mind the school-age kids with their school fundraisers, but this year has gotten out of hand.

In Plymouth they are required to wear them. We put our no soliciting sign right above the doorbell and have no problems. Prior to the sign it was terrible.

Some of the tree and siding guys will catch us in the driveway but for me they usually go away if I mention the sign. Totally different story when they catch my wife though

I have no issue if someone wants to leave me a quote to do work. We get that from seal-coating companies and we do that every 2-3 years. Sure leave your price and schedule and I will give you a call if I am interested.

My wife has gotten angry, rightfully so, as several just immediately dismiss her and ask if “her husband” is home. I told her to say “yeah, but if I go bother him again he’ll probably go back to beating me…” But she is worried they would call the cops haha**

I looked on our cities website and found some interesting tidbits. Hours they can do this are 9:00am – 8:00pm. I am not sure thrilled with 8:00pm, but we have also had our door knocked on at 8:30 twice in the last 10 days. It says to call the police if that happens.

It also says if our sign meets the requirements we can call the police if they bother us. And the city offers free window clings at city hall that meet the requirements. Guess what I am going to pick up tomorrow!

**Domestic violence is not funny. However my wife got sick of everyone asking her about being a “hockey widow”, “you just let your husband be gone for hockey all winter?” and she, on her own, came up with “well, it could be worse, he could come home drunk every night and beat me” and people stop asking her about it now. So in some cases, its kinda funny… :oops: I had no idea what to say after she told me that she said that to a few people including her sister.

Cowgirl wrote:

We have a no soliciting sign but I found some religious paperwork shoved in my door this morning. In the past I have simply pointed to the sign and walked away without even opening the door.

If I were you I would start jotting down their name/company/badge number etc., and let them know if they or anyone from their company return, the police will be called because it is trespassing to come onto someone’s property without permission, especially if they have been warned once.

In our city, according to the website, Religious, non-profits, and charities are exempt from needing a permit. However it is not clear if that is the only part they are exempt from, or if the other rules (ie obeying the sign) are required of them as well.