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Are these by change arc fault breakers? A noisy motor on a saw could trip an entire panel of breakers. Not through a short but through the noise looking like an arc.

I have no idea. The hey are circuit breakers in the electrical panel. I don’t get into electricity much beyond that.

I need closure. How did this end up?

Ongoing. We still have one circuit breaker (arc fault) that won’t reset. Actually it appears to reset, but I have no power to the rooms. The other breakers did reset and none tripped after they started finished pounding on the wall with the electrical panel.

My contractor is sending their electrician to look it over and said they’d fix anything due to their work. I am somehow still waiting for that electrician. I expect him to show tomorrow.

I did buy a new breaker, just in case, so he can replace the breaker while here. I did take the panel cover off and saw one wire from the breaker that was slightly browned near a metal post. So I don’t know if the pounding caused the post to touch a wire causing an arc…? Or if the breaker just gave up. Or if I have a nail through a wire.

Tomorrow should provide some clarity.

Update. The first breaker was tripped with a nail through a wire. That is being fixed now.

I don’t know about the others. Some were arc fault and other were not. But the master electrician said depending on how a house is wired, big loads from tools can cause multiple breakers to trip.