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Bertogliat wrote:

Orion wrote:

Are these by change arc fault breakers? A noisy motor on a saw could trip an entire panel of breakers. Not through a short but through the noise looking like an arc.

I have no idea. The hey are circuit breakers in the electrical panel. I don’t get into electricity much beyond that.

If they’re running off a generator today, that should tell you. The electrical noise being referred to here would essentially require a physical connection to the breaker box to trip anything.

The next question is, are any of the breakers popping when the construction team isn’t there? If not, it would make sense that the problem is something with their equipment. If, after the team is gone, breakers continue to pop, definitely get an electrician in there to check it out, because that would tend to indicate that something got screwed up in the wiring (nail through a wire, something crazy like that). I’m certainly not qualified to figure that one out, but that’s what electricians are for ;)