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    gopherguy06 wrote:

    Our sink is occasionally backing up. We have a disposal in one and not the other. I believe the pipe is not draining well. Any hacks or tricks before calling the plumber?

    When doing dishes, the sink backs up and even when I run the disposal, won’t drain. I know they are connected, but can’t for the life of me figure it out.

    On both sinks I’ve had to de-clog, there’s the pipe coming down from the drain, connected to a u-shaped pipe, that’s then connected to another pipe that leads out. Every time I’ve had an issue, it’s stuff(usually grease) getting stuck in that little u-shaped pipe. Put a plastic tub or something down to catch whatever is still in the pipes, then unscrew both sides and clean out that pipe. If that’s the issue, you’ll probably see what it is immediately.