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midevil bowievil wrote:

george wrote:

I do agree that it’s unlikely you’ll (we’ll) get 17 years out of residential equipment in the future. Ten to 15 is more likely.

I had to read that twice. Ten years? Weak engineering or just another scam?

Our natural gas furnace is a HEIL installed in 1996. Our a/c is an old GE with a red General Electric emblem. How old is that? 30 years for sure.

At our other house it’s all Williamson. Heat pump and oil burning furnace I believe was installed in about 1980. Works great.

It’s just the pure numbers game of how many are manufactured. When thousands are pumped out of the manufacturer each week engineering takes a back seat. The funny thing is everyone thinks you need to stick with Brand X or Brand Y when both of them may very well be the same damn furnace but with a different name plate! I think there may be 4 different furnace manufacturers in North America and how many brands are there? For instance Carrier makes Payne, Armstrong, Bryant, Tempstar, and Heil. There is a huge difference in price between Carrier and Tempstar and the difference in reliability is probably negligible.