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gopheritall wrote:

I am close to needing a new AC also. Anyone have feedback on the various brands? Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Bryant, etc. I don’t think I would do a heat pump but rather prefer reliability and low maintenance. I wish I was good at maintaining but I’m not so I kind of need it to just run.

Alos, thermostats. I have a programmable that we hate. It keeps going to the schedule. I want it to, for the most part, stay on hold. I want to use the programming part as the exception. My wife wants the old dial one back.

All those companies I have quotes from (while, local installers of their products anyway), all VERY similar prices, within $300 of each other…

All also said they offer 10 year parts warranty, 1 year labor – “Industry standard”. Unfortunately sometimes after 8 years or so if the compressor/condenser goes out, even though it is covered by parts, the labor cost may mean you are replacing before the parts warranty runs out. 2 companies told me that.

I had a company who installs Daikin come over. Their price for a similar unit was $200 cheaper than the lowest price of the ones listed above, AND they offer a 12 year parts and 12 year labor warranty, essentially meaning this is your AC for 12 years. They also include a 6 year replacement guarantee, where if a major part fails in the first 6 years they don’t just replace the part, they replace the whole unit. I think they said the only requirement to keep the warranty, was every 24 months you needed to do an A/C tune-up/inspection.

Very strongly leaning towards this installer and Daikin, unless someone has a good reason I wouldn’t want to go with them.