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Wood burning stove????? :shock:


The trot to the outhouse in January has to be getting old.

Don’t laugh – my in laws in Wisconsin have s ‘guest house’ with one. That’s a sure fire way to make sure guests don’t OVER stay.


Honestly, if I didn’t live in Fargo, I would absolutely burn wood. We have burned wood my entire live, my Dad used to haul a semi-load to EGF every fall and we would spend weekends cutting, splitting and stacking wood. 10 cords a winter.

I don’t drive a semi, nor do I have a place to dump a full one to cut and split. Instead, I burn pellets.

Wood is the cheapest form of heat…at least it was a couple years ago when researching. You get more BTUs per ton than any other source. If done right, it is safe and it keeps you in shape.