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    Thank you both for your feedback, very much appreciated.

    I have had 3 companies look at, and price it – as well as get some better explanations from them.

    It is not that they cannot find an indoor coil to pair with the unit, it is that they cannot find one to pair that will give them an official “SEER Rating” that the electrical company will accept for the rebate. I get $600 back for 14 SEER or better Heat Pump, but because I am not replacing the furnace at the same time, I cannot get the highest SEER rating, and other calculations bring the official rating to below 14 even though it will likely operate better than that. I have a 3-speed, DC motor on my furnace, but because it isn’t new, I get the basic SEER rating, which is lower than the advertised rating. So they can get me a heat pump, just not necessarily one that qualifies for the $600 rebate.

    Also, while there are some ultra-high efficient, and solar ready units, cost grows exponentially with those features. Once we get above 14-16 SEER, cost gets pretty high… I have prices from Lennox, Carrier and Bryant. All prices are remarkably similar.

    The 2.5-ton Heat Pumps are looking like right around $6,000 installed. My $600 rebate brings me down to $5,400 but I do get half price electric rates on a metered program. A 3-ton 16 SEER, 2-stage A/C unit is looking like $5,400-$5,600 and a $100 rebate gets me to, lets call it $5,400 as well. About the same price as the Heat Pump. All 3 then have some 2.5-ton 14 SEER AC units for $3,800-$4,000 installed with the same $100 rebate. I think, over the course of 10 years, I am unlikely to see a cost savings of $1,400 between the higher level 2-stage AC or Heat Pump, as compared to the 14 SEER unit.

    Not to mention, for Carrier and Lennox at least (Bryant was unsure), my Ecobee3 Thermostat will not (or so I am told) make use of the 2-stage cooling, variable speed, etc. of the 2-stage unit and I would need a $300+ thermostat to pair with it. It also seems, to me at least, that this is pretty new technology and more parts to break and go wrong. They all offer 10 year warranty on parts, but only 1 year on labor.

    So maybe the best plan is to keep it simple and more cost effective to go with the 14 SEER, single stage A/C.

    I am close to needing a new AC also. Anyone have feedback on the various brands? Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Bryant, etc. I don’t think I would do a heat pump but rather prefer reliability and low maintenance. I wish I was good at maintaining but I’m not so I kind of need it to just run.

    Alos, thermostats. I have a programmable that we hate. It keeps going to the schedule. I want it to, for the most part, stay on hold. I want to use the programming part as the exception. My wife wants the old dial one back.

    Per HVAC – those are all good brands. Add Daikin too (bought Goodman). All provide a range of products from modestly priced economy to high end whoa that’s expensive. My suggestion is find a dealer / installer you really like – one that offers great service and repairs. Ask what they sell then choose among those. In my town my favorite dealer / repairman / installer is an authorized and preferred Lennox dealer so that is what we would go with if changing out. Just makes things easier to keep running if you use what they service most.

    As for controls – yes they can be complicated. I have both simple on off control and programmable – they are run in parallel with modules in different parts of the house. Sounds complicated to use but really isn’t. I just turn off the programmable one and use the simple on-off most of the time. When I want programmable I do the reverse – turn off the simple on-off and turn on the programmable. In theory I could have both on at the same time and manage via different set points – the wiring and logic is such they ‘know’. But I rarely do that. Result is I have great flexibility in a really old house and am not having to reprogram all the time. Cost a couple hundred more to do that but makes life easy for us.

    Talk to an HVAC guy in detail. The good ones are wizards. If they seem disinterested – get a different one.