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    Cowgirl wrote:

    Karlsson wrote:

    Just wondering how long I go before mentioning it. I get it has been less than a week, they very well may have something in the works. It is one of those situations where I don’t want to be annoyed, but I am.

    Then I would say something, nicely. Such as, “You probably know, but just in case you don’t, your fence is damaged and I’ve fixed it a couple of times because I’m worried your cute little dogs could escape.”

    If you’re really feeling generous (or you actually like them), you could add something like, “If you need some recommendations on a fence company or a little help when you go to replace it, let me know.” Hint hint hint.

    If they respond in a douchebag manner then I wouldn’t touch that fence again. Or just put up your own….

    I do like them, they snowblow the section of sidewalk in front of our house when they notice it hasn’t been cleared. In MPLS this is huge. They also fixed the fence after the July storm last year, but just a portion of it obviously.

    They are good people. I’m just tired of having to “band-aid” the thing every time a stiff breeze rolls through.

    I’ll probably take your advice and be very cool about it. Pick your battles and all that jazz.