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    One of the fences in my backyard is a neighbor’s. It is old and rotten. Every time we get some wind (like this last weekend) a panel or post breaks. The direction the wind commonly moves through our houses means it is always in my yard.

    This time a post or two appears to have snapped just below the ground, meaning it is leaning at a pretty good angle toward my property. A few planks have fallen into my yard, I pick those up and nail them back on. I do this for his dogs, which are tiny and can walk right through when a plank is missing. Once in our yard they can take off into the alley through our picket fence. Our dogs are far too large to manage that.

    Just wondering how long I go before mentioning it. I get it has been less than a week, they very well may have something in the works. It is one of those situations where I don’t want to be annoyed, but I am.