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fightclub30 wrote:

Thanks for the responses guys. All valid points. Honestly, I never thought planting a tree would be a big deal. If anything, I thought the neighbors might appreciate the tree. Shows what I know…

As much as we want a fence, the $12k price tag (460 lineal feet) we have received from 2 different places is a bit steep right now. I cannot wait to see their reactions in a few years when we finally get around to installing that.

Late to the party on the discussion but one note:

AS the tree grows, if the branches and leaves start growing over the property line, the neighbors have the right to trim the tree back to the property line limits. So it could result in a deformed looking tree that will eventually fall because of the unequal weight distribution. They don’t need your permission to do that trimming. So be aware on that if they aren’t already in the ground.

Yep, my neighbor does NOTHING to care for his yard. Grass over-grown, trees not trimmed, weeds all over the place. Me and the rest of my neighbors just detest them. Their trees hang onto my property and I been half tempted to go and trim every one of them (17 in all) right to the property line…but that is a lot of work and wouldn’t accomplish much except make me feel better for a short period of time.