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Sorry to reply so late, wanted to do it on a computer versus my phone.

First, I am not an expert on residential equipment, but I know a little. Much of what dryfly says is correct, but I take issue with a few things.

First, I see no reason to expect energy prices to go up significantly in the next decade. Perhaps if we were keeping with the Paris Accord, but not otherwise. I do expect electric cost to go up more than fuel costs though. There are still lots of fields to be fracked and I expect natural gas prices to stay low as a result.

Second, fuel fired heating does really well in turn down mode in the shoulder seasons while heat pump efficacy falls off rapidly with falling outdoor temperatures. Heat pumps have really extended their range down to being able to generate heat at lower outdoor temps, but their efficiency at those temps really falls off rapidly and no technology will change that – it’s thermodynamics that determine that. Even if a residential furnace does have to cycle from off to on to off for heating, it’s still more efficient at low outside temps than a heat pump is. The heat pump will also obviously be more impacted by rising electrical costs. Bottom line is I’m not a huge fan of heat pumps in Minnesota, unless they are water source – not usual in residential.

As to inverter technology I don’t see that being so prevalent in residential equipment, I’d expect to see more ECM (electronically commutated motors) for the smaller motors on residential equipment.

I do agree that it’s unlikely you’ll (we’ll) get 17 years out of residential equipment in the future. Ten to 15 is more likely.

There is no reason that the furnace and condensing unit/A coil would have to be by the same manufacturer. There is some minor interface regarding fan/off but otherwise the thermostat just controls both devices as needed.

I hope this is some help, feel free to PM me or email me at home (I’m not at E-P anymore).