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    Less than 3 weeks until closing day on our first home!

    Questions for all you pro homeowners:

    1) Related to another question I recently asked… Where do people rent carpet steamers?

    2) Is it worth it to re-seal our hardwood floor? Or if we are considering re-staining it down the road, is it fine to wait until then to do anything with the floor?

    3) Is it easy enough to replace locks and deadbolts ourselves, or is it not worth the hassle and instead worth it to have a locksmith do it?

    Can I make just one comment on the re-sealing your floors. If you are seriously thinking of restraining, do it NOW. It is a huge hassle to remove and store all the furniture, you can’t walk on the new floors for at least 48 hours, and the smell is strong. Do it before you move in and the room is already empty and clean. They often don’t recommend having open windows when re-sealing because you don’t want dust or bugs to get stuck in the coating. The smell is quite sharp and no open windows traps it for a few days. It is headache inducing. I know you probably worry about scratches when you finally do move in furniture but some large drop cloths and a firmly worded warning to the movers usually takes care of that. I can not emphasize enough what a huge disruption this process is, do it before you make it worse on your family. It may seem like an added expense you don’t want right now, but the saving of your sanity will off set any $$

    This. I remember when my dad decided to re-stain the floors at their house one summer. The smell was ridiculous and it was borderline impossible to get around the area that was re-stained and resealed. Throw in having to move furniture around possibly… If you’re thinking of doing it anytime in the next 5-7 years, just do it now IMO.

    Plus I forgot to mention, staining and re-sealing require separate drying times. So you have to avoid walking on the new stain AND the new sealant, this could mean up to 78 or 120 hours. Add in furniture storage costs, hotel cost for 3-4 days, pet boarding and it can all be very expensive to wait. If you can swing it now before you actually move in it will be so much easier. I am speaking from personal experience, one of our biggest home mistakes was waiting a few years to redo the floors. Our main floor is pretty continuous so we had to empty out living, dining, sunroom and my office to get stain and sealant even. It was a logicistal nightmare and the above added expense added to the stress. I wish we had done it before moving in. Hindsight advice for you :dup: