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    Beauner wrote:

    Somehow the drain plug in my floor drain in my laundry room is completely rusted to hell (not the bypass plug, the actual plug at the bottom of the drain).

    We’ve tried just about everything we can to get it to budge and it won’t frickin move. I’m no dainty guy and I was putting my whole weight into the socket wrench to try to move it and the damn thing wouldn’t even budge. Bought some “Knock Er Loose” stuff to try to get the rust to loosen up. Sprayed it on there the night before, then again in the morning, and a third layer right before we tried to give it hell, and nothing. Tried slamming it with a crowbar hoping to knock something loose. Nothing.

    We ended up taking an impact driver and drilling a couple holes into it (one on the top, two on the sides) to help with drainage when my AC is running. Obviously it’s a short term fix.

    Anybody got any other ideas on how the hell to get this frickin plug out of there?

    heat. apply heat, as long as everything is metal you can use a MAP gas torch and heat it up and let it cool, cycle a few times and that helps. LOTS of what you call “knock er loose” and repeat. That’s how you take apart 60+year old vehicles w/o damaging sheet metal parts and fasteners.