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rowshkex wrote:

Less than 3 weeks until closing day on our first home!

Questions for all you pro homeowners:

1) Related to another question I recently asked… Where do people rent carpet steamers?

2) Is it worth it to re-seal our hardwood floor? Or if we are considering re-staining it down the road, is it fine to wait until then to do anything with the floor?

3) Is it easy enough to replace locks and deadbolts ourselves, or is it not worth the hassle and instead worth it to have a locksmith do it?

1. Any hardware/home improvement store.

2. It is worth it 110%. If you want to re-stain, just wait. Unless they are terrible.

3. Easy to do yourself. Take them off and bring the key side to a hardware/home improvement store and they will do it. You will save a bunch of money.