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    fightclub30 wrote:

    We have a wedge shaped yard on a cul-de-sac that backs up to 3 different houses behind us. All three houses, to the North of me, have put their gradening/grow operations at the edge of their yards against our shared property line.

    2 summers ago we lost a 65′ tall Ash tree in a storm. We didnt know what we wanted to do with figuring out a replacement, in the time that past, 2 backyard neighbors increased the size of their gardens/growing operations.

    This weekend I planted two 8′ tall trees finally, an oak and a maple, around 15 feet from the edge of our property in the back yard. 2 of those neighbors come out to tell me I need to move those trees to a different location because it will block the sunlight from their garden…

    I looked at the 8′ tall trees that have, maybe 40 leaves on them total right now, and said “I think it is going to be 8-10 years before we get any shade from these trees.” I was also told I couldn’t/shouldn’t plant my new trees near where the base of my old tree was due to the root systems. So it really starts to limit my options where I can put trees. I asked rhetorically where they would like the trees planted, and the spot they picked provided my neighbor to the east with more shade and privacy (in 10 years) than me, and I was the one buying the tree…

    I said I liked where I picked and already had the holes dug. The one woman said to me as she walked up her deck stairs “I’d hate to see something bad happen to those trees…”

    And to be honest, I was sick of looking at their compost bins, hose reels, all these plastic pails and elaborate watering setups. I could put up an 8′ tall privacy fence along that entire property line. That would be much worse for their gardens since they are directly against the property line.

    Am I being totally unreasonable? Do people ask their neighbors where to plant trees and things like this?

    Nope… plant where you want. It is your yard and you have limied space. If they have an issue, they can move their garden.