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A licensed surveyor will have place a plastic plug (Now this is the procedure. Back in the old days of chains & transits as equip. , I don’t know what was done.) in the pipe. The plug will have the info on who (surveyor & lic. #) placed the monument.

In events of differing surveys generally either the county or LGU will have a “viewing”, & render the decision. Often times it is a splitting of the difference.

Differences arise because Congress correctly enacted a bill where the original monuments placed by the govt. surveyors when the range and section system (gridded townships) was being mapped. The thing is the section & range corners can be far off from correct orientation and if one surveys in from the NE township corner and another surveyor from SW corner there can be a difference. In reality there generally are monuments that have been accepted as correct closer than the 8.4852 miles that a diagonal is from corn er to corner on a 6mi. x 6mi. township.

Mark, Isn’t the parcel to the west from you for sale? If so and it get plotted & the PLOT ACCEPTED BY O.G. then the plots survey will be then and forever more binding. Also isn’t the neighbor in question part of the old time family that owned the “site” across the county road? We should talk.

Wait until you have property line issues with a neighbor who had been in a business relationship with you, it is at a lake & your common great grand father is the 1st name on the abstract.