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    What are some good home insurance providers?

    I recommend you find a broker who can find your needs and compare policies across a bunch of insurance companies.

    I used to shop around for insurance companies, not wanting to pay the broker. But I’ve since found I get much better rates through a broker.

    FWIW we are now using Travelers for our insurance (home, auto, liability, etc). But every company is different since each person has their own liabilities (DUI, credit rating, insurance history, etc). Some are better for one category and not another.

    I had Farmers for 20 years. They were never a problem but their rates creeped up every year until they were close to $1000 per year more than PROGRESSIVE! Had to switch.

    This. Depending on what else you have to insure, you always save more when you bundle, but yeah, shop around. Also, don’t be afraid to shop around every few years too.

    Yup – shop around then talk to brokers. Thing is everyone bitches about premiums until they have a major claim … then the premiums don’t matter so much – getting an adequate settlement does. So make sure you balance both – premiums and reputation to pay out. They aren’t all the same. Like others bundling helped for us.