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    In a karmic stroke of luck…

    As I’ve mentioned before, we were going to make an offer on a house two days ago that had been on the market for less than 24 hours. We saw the house and told the sellers we were planning on making an offer. They allowed us to submit the offer the following morning, and so I stayed up pretty late finishing some stuff up and writing a letter to the sellers, then took off work the following morning to finalize the purchase agreement… Only to wake up the following morning to an email with the subject “Bad News”–the sellers went back on their word and decided not to let us make an offer.

    …So at the same time, our realtor was informed by her coworker about a “pre-list” that wasn’t even on the market, and our realtor told them that we would be interested in the property, but were planning on making an offer on that first house. So of course this gives us leverage, and the seller of House B let us see the house over a week before its listing date, apparently because he wants to sell the house quickly and NOT deal with the market. So we looked at the house tonight and submitted a purchase agreement.

    Barring something crazy happening, we just bought our first home, a house that wasn’t even on the market after getting shivved by several previous sellers.

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