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Found a great house tonight, meeting with the realtor and submitting our offer first thing in the morning… Here’s to hoping…

Of course, the same thing happened again for the third time in a row: the seller wakes up the next morning and decides not to accept any more offers. WTF.

Sorry to hear that. I know this won’t mean crap now, but when you finally get the home you want and love it, it will.

I always looked at any house that the seller didn’t accept my offer or something came up or if it was a multiple offer situation where I didn’t get it like it wasn’t meant to be, I always found a house I loved and looked back that I was happy I didn’t get the other ones. I am in my 6th house now and I have felt that way every time.

It’s not that I don’t think I’ll find a house I’ll be okay with–we’ve seen plenty we would be okay living in.

It’s just extremely frustrating to have a seller give us just 10 hours to come up with an offer (mind you, all three houses were on the market for less than 24 hours at the time we were preparing to make an offer), then right as we are about to submit it they pull the rug out from under us. I even took off work this morning to finalize the offer because they said we could submit it in the morning. I wouldn’t even care if they looked at both offers and took the other one, but at least have the decency to stick to your word, let us make an offer, and be sincere about considering it if you say you’re going to do it. I understand it’s their prerogative to do whatever the hell they want with their own house, but it’s infuriating to put all this work in for nothing simply because the sellers aren’t at least minimally thoughtful.

That is pretty dickish. I guess you can get away with anything in a seller’s market. Shame on their agent for allowing them to do this.