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About one year into owning my house my neighbor caught me outside to point out where our property markers were. I was like, “okay, thanks”. He pointed out, in a casual manner, that the back corner of my garage actually is on his property. Weird thing is how crooked the property line is which is why it catches a sliver of the back corner of my garage. I have a feeling that the marker in the front yard was moved at one time to make the line crooked. The neighbor really just wanted to make sure I knew about the property line, which I was fully aware of where is was but wasn’t concerned because the garage is about 30 years or so old which predates either of us living there. He did make the silly comment about “Don’t worry I won’t ask you to take down the garage.”

Honestly, the one big downfall to this property line being crooked is that if I wanted to do any remodeling to my garage I would have to go kiss his ring to be able to touch the structure of the garage since part of it is on his property, in his eyes anyway. That kind of pisses me off because I would love to turn my garage into a double garage but I think I will have to wait out this older fella to move away before I get to that project.