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    well 2 hours of being accused and ganged up by this yahoo and his buddy (neighbor to the west of us) I asked where he wanted the damn thing and moved it (like 10′). I cut a new quad trail so I’m not NEAR the line and he can go sit and spin for all I care. I go back there maybe 12 times in a year…I personally think either he has a screw loose, he’s just a d!ck or he was trying to grab land from me. All said and done I hope to never see either of them again in my lifetime and hope they end up living in wisconSIN in their end years and are part of a “Only in wisconSIN” story someday. If I ever sell, I’m gonna warn the new people and or get a survey done myself and shove it up his backside. fraking nut jobs….


    Happened here too but in reverse. My neighbor thought the property line was farther his way – meaning I had more land. Odd situation that only happens in a city… he didn’ think I was doing a good job maintaining a patch of grass bordering his yard. I told him you don’t like it then you take care of it – it’s your damn yard. He protested, got it surveyed. I was right. Shut him up.

    I still mow that patch as I have much easier access to it than he does (on a terraced hillside between our house). But nothing else. No chemicals – don’t chase moles. He is a yard freak and I am not … at least now he is quiet about my negligence since he realizes he would have to drag his mower up the hill and onto the terrace if he wants to take care of it.

    happens all the time around lakes

    Might be a stupid question but why? I would think they want as much lakefront as possible – is it to avoid taxes? If I am not mistaken isn’t property tax proportional to how much lakeshore a property has or no? [ya I am totally ignorant here]