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Crazy neighbors suck. I have fantastic people all around me, except the people that I share my back lot with. They purchased a couple years ago and my kids tried to go over and play with their kids and were ignored. They don’t wave, say hi, nothing.

This winter I get an email from him stating that my dog has been shitting all over their back yard. I thought it was odd because I clean up two 5-gallon buckets every spring in the same spot of my own yard and he also has a black lab, so unless he has done some CSI analysis of my dog’s shit, I call BS. But, I took the high road and apologized and asked where it was and I would be happy to clean it up. No response.

A month later I get another email from him telling me he watched my dog take his regular daily trek into his yard and he knows it is my dog dropping deuces all over. I took a picture of the very populous village of turds all in the same spot in my back yard AND the one set of dog prints I could find in the snow between our yards and emailed it back to him and told him that painting with a broad brush was not appreciated and I could do without his bombastic statements and subjective commentary. Haven’t heard a peep out of him since.