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    So talk of cabinets in another thread got me thinking about remodeling the kitchen. Question is who to ask about decent cabinets? Where do I start to find quality cabinets without going full custom? The concern is cost. I don’t need anything special and should be able to fit in standard cabinets.

    Do you currently have cabinets? If you do, are the boxes in good shape and are you happy with the layout? If so, check out refacing them as an option. 2-4 weeks vs 2-4 months. No disturbance to the functionality of your kitchen and they will look brand new for less than full remodel.

    There are hundreds of different brands, any of the big boxes would be a good place to start. All will talk to you about options, base prices, etc without the need to pay a large consult fee some of the specialty shops charge you.

    You can PM me for more information if you like. I am biased towards one company, but I will give you honest feedback. I also build cabinets myself too (not that I am selling my services) but I can offer a perspective from the sales side, the vendor side, the installation side and the construction of the cabinet viewpoint.

    or you can have them custom made for you by a fellow GPL-er and have the best of all worlds, quality, durability, custom and at a good cost. I’ll sell my services any day!


    Speaking of that, I may soon have a very small job for you.

    shop is open after the FF!


    And now it might not be as small as I thought. Wife mentioned having you build the bathroom vanity, instead of continuing the restoration of the old one we have….still not sure on that yet. We can talk more at F4.