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So talk of cabinets in another thread got me thinking about remodeling the kitchen. Question is who to ask about decent cabinets? Where do I start to find quality cabinets without going full custom? The concern is cost. I don’t need anything special and should be able to fit in standard cabinets.

Another quick and easy option over stained wood is to use Minwax Polyshades. It is a stained varnish, and it actually looks very nice. The prep work is simple: just do a light sanding on the current varnish so that you have something for the Polyshade to “bite” on. Great product….I’ve used it on stair banisters and furniture, but you definitely can use it on cabinets too.

Another option is to use gel stain. Both the Polyshade and gel stain can be found on youtube.

Painting over stained wood is a little trickier. It takes several coats with sanding in between to hide the grain of the wood (assuming you’re starting with oak).