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Flooring purchased, carpet purchased, water softener purchased ended up going with the 34k grains per recommendation from MNGophers29. Installing all of these tomorrow/Tuesday (my dad’s co-worker is going to install the water softener for me, he used to be a contractor and still has all the necessary tools).

Painting almost done (have a couple touch-ups to make in a couple areas but we’ll wait until I finish moving in in case I ding a wall or two).
For the record, when I was using the word “trim” I was talking about the corners/ceilings. Not actually painting wood trim like crown molding etc. I’m not sure that I’d paint over natural wood if it was up to me. I love the look of natural wood.

Fixed (for the most part) the squeak in the floor in the family room – whoever installed the subfloor did a pretty poor job getting the subfloor screwed/nailed into the joists – after pulling the carpet out you could see 10-15 nails that were just bent over and hammered into the subfloor instead of hammered into the joists. Led to a pretty significant squeak in one area of the room anytime somebody walked on it. 8-10 carpentry screws later, the squeak is mostly gone (there is still 1 tiny area that squeaks but it seems like no matter how many screws we added to, it wouldn’t go away completely, it just got slightly quieter with each screw). We’re holding out hope that once the floor is added, the squeak will be barely noticeable. If not, meh, it’s going to be in a place that nobody will be walking anyways.

Now I’ll just have to sand down and re-finish/paint the handrailings and the outside ends of the stairs (already painted black by previous owner, showing some wear and tear at some places) at some point. That’ll be for another weekend though. I’m just about “projected” out. :lol: