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    Does anyone have a good way of removing cat urine odor? The renters at my dad’s townhouse had a cat that seemed to like to pee everywhere. So far Kilz and fresh paint have helped, but for the basement (which isn’t finished) does anyone have a good suggestion to get rid of it?

    Vinegar. Let it sit soak. Then rinse a lot and vacuum with wet vac. Rinse repeat a few times. Vinegar dissolves the urine really well. Works best on textiles – like blankets, throw rugs, clothes. Throw them in the washer with a couple two three cups of vinegar – no soap. Then rewash wth regular detergent. Does a really good job. Don’t know about wood or concrete – say walls or floors. Or wall to wall carpet. I would guess it would IF the solution can get contact with contaminated surfaces.