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Does anyone have a good way of removing cat urine odor? The renters at my dad’s townhouse had a cat that seemed to like to pee everywhere. So far Kilz and fresh paint have helped, but for the basement (which isn’t finished) does anyone have a good suggestion to get rid of it?

Anti Icky Poo. It’s an enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the residual organic matter and bacteria that are still producing odor (bacteria farts!). The key is to saturate the fabric/material etc and let it sit (so if on carpet/flooring test in inconspicuous area lest it stain). If it’s in carpet you need to get down to the pad so need to use a lot. Removing the stained material is usually the best defense but I know that’s not always possible. Buy a gallon of it if you have a lot of area to do! Looks like it comes in unscented too.