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    Youngest daughter (tBeliever to you old timers) & S i L bought a bid azz house in Ham Lake. It was bank owned (previous owner was a rat res. elec. cont.) who did way to much of his own carpentry & plumbing. Knotty pine doors and trim. After being in it for 5 1/2 years they tore out all the Knotty Pine and replaced it with a MDF type product for trim and Birch doors. Every thing in the place is now painted and looks great. Having big wide tall wraps w/ pintel blocks fits the windows & doors and the 4 piece base is around 9″ high.
    It looks very nice and light & airy inside.
    Paint does have it’s place on doors & trim.

    A lot of our ideas about wood finish comes from high class older homes – victorians and craftsman era. Set style and fashion expectations ever since. Nice houses have finished hardwood. Period. That is the stereotype.

    But you are right – even in old houses – meaning historically old. Painted trim is not that unusual and can look great.