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    How hard is it to install a water softener? It’s pretty clear that the previous owner had one in at some point, as there is some copper piping looped around to nothing and there is a clear difference in color on the floor, as though something was sitting on the floor for an extended period of time.

    Is it something I’ll need expert knowledge to do (in which case something I’d be better off paying somebody to do)?

    With all the right parts about half an hour to install. You don’t NEED MAP gas, you can solder 3/4″ copper with the blue (propane) ones as well. I’d suggest putting a bypass in outside the one that comes with a softener so it’s easier to change/work on in the future. Also use BALL valves, not gate valves.

    Super simple….if you know how to solder. and make sure to avoid any dielectric issues.