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How hard is it to install a water softener? It’s pretty clear that the previous owner had one in at some point, as there is some copper piping looped around to nothing and there is a clear difference in color on the floor, as though something was sitting on the floor for an extended period of time.

Is it something I’ll need expert knowledge to do (in which case something I’d be better off paying somebody to do)?

That didn’t take long to find a bigger issue :wink:

No, water softeners aren’t hard to install at all. The biggest issues are getting the water main shut off (my neighbors hadn’t been shut off in years and the shutoff valve broke when he went to do his) and transporting the softener.

If you buy one the install cost may not be more than $100 – $200 more. Given my ability of fixing things like that I find that cost very much worth letting the professionals do it, but if you have a handy friend and enough beer you can save some money.